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Help System



The UPDD software is supplied with an on-line help system which can be invoked from the UPDD Console, Help button:


or, optionally, under Windows, the UPDD System Tray utility.



The Help links invoke the on-line help pages which can also be viewed here.


The help system uses a help viewer application (helpvwer) which is available for all major desktop OS supported by UPDD, being Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to display the content of the help files.


The on-line help system is effectively a number of HTML files that hyperlink between the on-line help pages and also the web based UPDD Documentation.


The standard set of on-line help files are a generic, non-branded, English language set of HTML files.  The names of these files and the information held within are shown below:


File name



Description of the UPDD Console Calibration settings.


Description of the UPDD Console Click Mode settings.


Description of the UPDD Console Firmware settings. Only seen if the UPDD build contains a controller with firmware settings.


General UPDD information and links to various help pages and topics.


Description of the UPDD Console hardware options.


Description of the UPDD Console Properties settings.


Description of the UPDD Console Status display and functions.


Description of the UPDD Console Toolbar functions.


These files are installed in the UPDD application folder, sub folder Help and can be updated or amended as required by end users or OEMs as appropriate.


UPDD supports multiple languages and the installation procedure notes the system’s locale (language setting) and selects the appropriate language file for the language to be used in the utility programs. Should you produce a set of help files in a different language this locale process can be extended to select the appropriate language help files, based on the system locate (2 character id). In this case the ‘en’ element of the file name would be replaced with the ‘locale’ code, e.g. fr = French, de=German etc.


Running TBcalib /lang will display the locale of any given system.  See UPDD Language document for more information.


Should you wish to distribute a branded or amended version of the help files please contact Touch-Base to discuss your requirements.



For further information or technical assistance please email the technical support team at