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Only works with UPDD 5.1.1415 and above


11th April 2016

Pass through touches to iOS simulator" is no longer enabled by default (in order to help responsiveness in OS X 10.11)


30th Mar 2016

UPDD Version 6 release


6th Jan 2016

(OS X only) Fixed "IOHIDEventCreateWithBytes: Failed to create event..." message that gets printed to the system console
(OS X only) Using non-deprecated threading API for OS X event filtering fixes a crash at exit after changing UPDD Gestures' interface’ setting.


10th Dec 2015

Two finger swipe from screen edge gestures are more lenient and consistent; can now be triggered if any finger starts the swipe from within 15mm of the screen's edge.

(OS X only) When removing UPDD Gestures as a login item, will remove all login items for UPDD Gestures, not just the one referring to the currently running copy

(OS X only) Five finger squeeze and splay are no longer handled as separate gestures by default, as the 'Launchpad / Show Desktop' action is more intuitive and matches the behavior on an Apple magic trackpad

(OS X only) Gestures no longer restarts after the computer wakes from sleep as it is likely no longer necessary


24th Nov 2015

Press and tap gestures can once again be performed multiple times without lifting all fingers.

(OS X only) Opening UPDD in the Finder will not trigger the settings window for the first 10 seconds the app is running in order to prevent the settings window from erroneously opening when UPDD Gestures is launched at login.

(OS X only) The current interface will be checked in the interface submenu.


11th Nov 2015

Added setting for posting gestures from all touch devices concurrently to the UPDD API.
Fixed interlocking feature; simultaneous touches from multiple devices should no longer interfere with each other.
Fixed bug where the mouse and touches may not be released when UPDD Gestures quits.


25th Oct 2015

(OS X only) Moved 'Disable Multi-touch Gestures' option out of the settings window and into the Interface menu; now called 'Single Touch Only'

(OS X only) Fixed a bug where the cursor could be hidden in the settings window when 'Hide cursor during touches' is enabled.

(OS X only) Added logging for hiding and showing the cursor that appears in the gesture log.

(OS X only) Fixed crash that could occur when attempting to enable the Ink preference pane when the app is starting up.

(OS X only) Fixed bug in OS X 10.11 that would prevent the Ink preference pane from being visible for systems without a physical tablet device connected

(OS X only) Fixed crash that could occur in rare circumstances when using the 'Scroll' gesture action

Added Profiles feature to Linux and Windows versions


11th Oct 2015

(OS X only) Fixed bug where the Notification Center could not be invoked if the menu bar is hidden

(OS X only) Fixed a crash when UPDD Gestures is quitting

(OS X only) Reduced amount of time it takes for the settings window to open

Fixed bug where the app's behavior wouldn't change for certain settings when importing a profile

Removed 'Save' button from settings window; all changes to settings are saved to disk immediately, fixing a bug where unsaved changes would not be saved to a profile

Fixed 'QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running' message that appears when UPDD Gestures is quitting


7th Oct 2015

(OS X only) Fixed bug where opening the UPDD Gestures Finder icon would no longer cause the settings window to open

(OS X only) The 'Disable multi-touch gestures' setting will hide all multitouch gestures in the settings window

(OS X only) Fixed bug where menu bar icon would be invisible when the OS X setting 'automatically hide and show the menu bar' is enabled

(OS X only) Showing the Notification Center with a two finger swipe from the edge of the screen no longer nullifies two finger drag gestures


22nd Sept 2015

(OS X only) Added option to 'Click and drag' action for including touch movement that occurs before a drag gesture is detected

(OS X only) Added menu for selecting profiles, which can be located in ~/Library/Application Support/UPDD or /Library/Application Support/UPDD

Changed 'Import Settings' and 'Export Settings' menu items to 'Save Profile' and 'Load Profile From File'

(OS X only) Added 'Interface' menu to indicate  if UPDD Gestures will produce system-wide action in response to gestures and whether gestures are posted as OS X touch events or just to the UPDD API


21st Sept 2015

(OS X only) Reverted to using Qt 5.3.2 in order to support OS X 10.6.


30th Aug 2015

(OS X only) Added hidden settings named TEAPIonly and APIonly that respectively disables gesture actions and disables both gesture actions and OS X touch events (toggle using tbutils, e.g. tbutils nodevice setting dw APIonly 1).

When gestures actions disabled adjust gesture dialog accordingly.


25th Aug 2015

Added a button to the settings window that calibrates pressure for pressure-enabled devices, including tablets

(OS X only) For pressure-enabled touch devices, added a setting for sending pressure data into OS X when performing 'Click and drag' actions, including limited, experimental support for force clicks

(OS X only) The window for Press gesture visualisations is now removed when the setting is disabled, rather than hidden


17th Aug 2015

Launching a second instance of UPDD Gestures will cause the original instance to open its settings window, and the second instance will quit

(OS X only) When configuring the keystroke for a gesture, can now type in the keystrokes for system-wide keyboard shortcuts

(OS X only) Fixed bug where opening the UPDD Gestures Finder icon would not cause the settings window to open


12th Aug 2015

Fixed reporting of rotation and total rotation for rotate gestures API


11th Aug 2015

Can now run a minimal version under Windows and Linux allowing gesture data to be posted to the UPDD driver to allow Windows and Linux UPDD client applications to receive gesture notifications.


8th Aug 2015

Gesture data is posted to the UPDD driver to allow UPDD client applications can receive it via the UPDD API using event of type _ReadDataTypeGestureEvent.

Updated for UPDD 05.01.1415 API.


31st July 2015

Technical update - Processing all data from the driver in a separate thread from the one used by the driver interface in order to help prevent the driver from locking up or crashing.

Only works with UPDD 5.1.1395 and above


14th July 2015

Fixed the issue where when both "reset mouse cursor" and "hide mouse cursor" are enabled, the cursor wouldn't be shown after a gesture is over.

Built using Qt library version 5.5.0.

Fixed a number of bugs with invalid use of QT timers that could be responsible for a number of sporadic crashes.

Updated for UPDD 5.01.1395 API with minor related code changes

Removed driver interface recovery code as no longer required due to changes in the API


9th July 2015

Added pressure-sensitive "force" gestures: force press and force drag

Added gesture action: move mouse cursor

Added settings for resetting the mouse cursor back to its original position after a gesture is completed.

Fixed a bug where the OS X keyboard viewer will no longer open when invoked.


10th June 2015

Fixed bug where the "Moved zoom screen" action could cause the cursor to become locked in a corner of the screen

Slightly increased the speed of zooming out the screen to improve the feel of screen zooming

Pop-up menu buttons in the gesture settings window no longer respond to the scroll wheel or scroll gestures


26th May 2015

Single finger gestures and mouse actions are suppressed if they start in a UPDD toolbar Fixed menu bar icon in Yosemite when menu bar is set to dark


7th April 2015

Fixed bug where the press visualisation would cause the current desktop to change.

Fixed bug where the press visualisation would only appear one desktop.

Fixed bug where the press visualisation would cause the UPDD Gestures settings window to flash.

Added "hidden" setting for controlling how long UPDD Gestures will wait to disable the mouse port after the computer wakes from sleep.


4th April 2015

Fixed bug where each touch could produce two mouse clicks after the system wakes from sleep.


31st March 2015

Fixed crash that could occur when any of the double tap gestures were enabled.

Added setting for scroll direction to "scroll", "swipe between full screen apps", and "pan screen" actions.


23rd March 2015

Fixed bug where "Click and drag" actions could trigger unnecessary drag events, preventing applications from receiving an OS X press gesture event.


17th March 2015

Fixed detection of tablet devices.


3rd March 2015

Gesture actions should detect and behave more consistently across devices now, especially on devices that have a lower packet rate. Speed settings may need to be adjusted.

Fixed swipe gestures on devices with lower packet rates

Fixed Smart Zoom

Only works with UPDD 5.1.1270 and above


25th Feb 2015

Support named monitors associated with the touch screen (56)

Fixed lockup if touching the screen during gesture start-up (55)

Utilise updated driver API with improved driver connection recovery in the event of a driver reload. (54)

Utilise updated Pen features merged from previous UPDD 5.0.2 driver. (53)


27th Jan 2015

Fixed issue with memory corruption that could cause UPDD Gestures to crash at arbitrary times, though especially when using Press gestures with Press wait time set to a very small duration

The settings dialog will update when importing settings


26th Jan 2015

Fixed crash when toggling the OS X Keyboard Viewer when it is not available in the system Input menu

Fixed bug where the OS X Keyboard Viewer may not be invokable or may arbitrarily reappear when it is not available in the system Input menu

Press wait time and drag threshold can now go as low as zero.


12th Jan 2015

Two finger rotate settings now listed under the two finger Pinch and Spread section.

Added - Associate action with sliding in from the left and right edges with a single finger"

Added - Cater for gesture dialog help files

Fix - Performing Two Finger Swipes from the screen edge could simultaneously trigger the action assigned to Two Finger Drag

Change - UPDD Gestures crash guard will no longer restart UPDD Gestures; it will only re-enable the regular UPDD mouse emulation; fixes issue where "UPDD Gestures is already running" dialog may appear erroneously

Added: Gesture action for toggling the keyboard viewer


7th Jan 2015

On-screen keyboard function can now use KeyUp by Irradiated Software instead of OS X's built in on-screen keyboard

Added option to Keystroke action allowing the mouse cursor to be repositioned underneath of touches

Fixed bug where touching on the edge of the screen could move the cursor to the wrong display

Fixed bug where exporting settings could save out bad data

Added special preference that can be manually added to tbupdd.ini to allow any gesture to reposition the mouse cursor underneath of touches.


5th Jan 2015

Fixed crash on startup in OS X 10.7 and earlier

Fixed bug in UPDD Gestures crash guard that could cause it to continuously unsuccessfully restart UPDD Gestures

Fixed bug where UPDD Gestures would not properly handle changes to the system display configuration

Fixed bug where a misconfigured touch device could send the cursor to the corner of the display

Startup diagnostic information and error messages are now printed in


22nd Dec 2014

Fixed bug where zoom and rotate actions would stop working

Fixed bug where scrolling horizontally to navigate through page history in Safari wouldn't work in OS X 10.9 and 10.10

Can now hold the control key and use pinch/expand and two finger drag gestures to zoom and pan the screen respectively

Zoom, rotate, and scroll actions have option for not repositioning the mouse cursor to where the gesture occurred on screen


16th Dec 2014

Added sensitivity slider for all of the Squeeze and Splay gestures


15th Dec 2014

Fixed crash that can occur when the display a UPDD device is configured to handle isn't connected

Fixed accessibility dialog that can open the first time the scroll action is triggered

Added a crash guard process that automatically restarts UPDD Gestures if it crashes in order to prevent touches from becoming unresponsive


1st Oct 2014

Added action for zooming and panning the screen

Added action for double click

Split squeeze and splay into two separate gestures depending on if four or five fingers are used

Four finger squeeze and splay and four finger drags now default to zooming and panning the screen respectively

Fixed bug where warnings about Accessibility being disabled would appear at inappropriate times

UPDD Gestures will cleanly terminate when sent SIGQUIT, SIGINT, or SIGTERM Unix signals


21st Sept 2014

Cater for click positioning bug on zoomed screen

Press visualistion now drawn clockwise


15th Sept 2014

Added optional visualisation for press gestures

Can now open UPDD Gestures Finder icon to open the settings window

Worked around crash when disabling the menu bar icon


1st Sept 2014

Added setting to "click" action for configuring the length of the click (Quartz Composer fix)


1st Sept 2014

Fixed bug where Gestures wouldn't run on a system with only one display

Fixed bug where the Notification Center action wouldn't work

Settings and Change History window should now appear on top of other windows when invoked


31st Aug 2014

Further improvements to detection of two finger gestures - should be more accurate

OS X 10.9.5 and OS X 10.10 Developer Preview 6 should now accept Gestures' developer signature

Bug fix: "Click nearest UI element" feature should no longer try to click disabled UI elements or static text fields


19 Aug 2014

Optimizations: UPDD Gestures now uses considerably less CPU time during touches

Now using the UPDD API from build 05:01:1109 for 5.1.x builds


11 Aug 2014

Fixed bug in OS X 10.10 DP5 that caused scroll, pinch, and rotate gestures to crash the system window server


27th July 2014

Compatible with OS X 10.10

Fixed "click nearest UI element" feature when used with the on screen keyboard

Fixed a bug that could cause two finger gestures to be detected inaccurately

Added the warning message about using UPDD TUIO with UPDD Gestures improperly


23rd June 2014

Fixed bug where Gestures might not reactivate after calibration


16th June 2014

Add option for exporting and importing gesture configurations


13th June 2014

Fixed crash when UPDD settings change


1st June 2014

Fixed bug where scrolling using slow moving gestures would produce jerky, undesirable motion

Generally improved feel and smoothness of scrolling and scrolling momentum so that it is more similar to using an Apple trackpad


28th May 2014

Improved detection of two finger drag, pinch/spread and rotate gestures

Add setting for gesture detection sensitivity to adjust how accurate or responsive of the gesture detection process.


19th May 2014

Updated for UPDD 5.1.0

Handle driver notifications rather than poll for driver setting changes

Switched thread creation from Carbon interface to QThreads and at same time increased thread priority for threads responsible for receiving and posting touch events


9th March 2014

Fixed bug where tablet devices may never unlock other devices after the stylus has been removed

Fixed bug where pressure from tablet styluses would be incorrect

Pressure range of tablet stylus can be adjusted using MaxPressure and MinPressure settings in tbupdd.ini


3rd March 2014

When using "click nearest clickable UI function":

Improved detection of nearby clickable UI elements in Safari and other applications with web content

In Logic Pro X, fixed crash and improved detection of clickable UI elements

Fixed bug where clicking a menu bar item could cause the menu to open on the wrong monitor

Fixed bug where clicking on another menu while a menu is already open would cause all menus to close

On systems with multiple UPDD devices:

  Tablets can no longer be used simultaneously with other devices, causing interference

  The UPDD driver interlock release time setting is now respected


24th Feb 2014

Added option for direct click actions to nearest clickable UI element within a radius.

Improved detection of tablet devices

When opening settings, change history, or log, windows should now consistently be front-most.


10th Feb 2014

When swiping to change desktops, reversing swipe direction may not cause the right desktop to be selected.

When doing a four or five finger pinch, reversing direction without lifting fingers does not reverse the gesture's action.

Reversing swipe from screen edge can cause scrolling (or whatever action two finger drag is configured to be)

Notification Center will now consistently appear on the correct monitor in OS X 10.9

Fixed a bug where on rare occasions moving back and forward in Safari by scrolling could cause the page to get stuck mid transition

Additional minor bug fixes that Improve the compatibility of system level touch events in OS X 10.7-10.9 **


·         With this release we have fixed several errors that would cause the events to not fully conform to what OS X is expecting and with this update we believe multi-touch gestures will perform better and more consistently.

·         Due to a bug in Safari with two-finger-dragging to the right when there is no page to go forward to can cause unintended vertical scrolling


8th Jan 2014

Moving back and forward in Safari by scrolling with one finger drags will no longer cause page to get stuck mid transition

Fixed bug where applying settings could ask for administrator password unnecessarily

Now built using Qt 5.2.0


2nd Dec 2013

Gestures extension software now support tablet/pen devices, including erasers and pressure functionality. All Pen / tablet data passed as tablet events and bypasses gesture analysis.

Changed name of setting to "Touches on non-tablet devices simulate tablet input" as it has no effect on real tablets.

The check boxes for login item settings behave in a more intuitive manner.


6th Nov 2013

Added setting for distance a finger must travel for drag gestures, can be used to fix latency issues when used with click and drag action

Fixed issue where click and drags wouldn't work in Safari or Google Chrome

Improved detection of "Press and tap" gestures; holding down two touches will not detect as a press and tap.

Pen type changes (below) removed until finalised and fully tested.

2.0.21 - test

27th Oct 2013

Mouse, touch, and tablet events created by Gestures now include pressure information if it is provided by the touch device.

Use of the eraser of a stylus will now be included in Gesture's tablet events if "Touches simulate tablet input" is enabled.


14th Oct 2013

Improved "Hide mouse cursor during touches" feature: cursor will quickly become hidden again if an application or other operation causes it to become visible.

Touches can now be used with the "Trackpad Handwriting" feature if an Apple Magic Trackpad is present and connected.


24th Sept 2013

Fixed bug where mouse click actions wouldn't work after scrolling momentum stopped due to hitting the edge of a scroll area

Fixed bug affecting OS X 10.6 where the system could get into a state where mouse dragging and movement would no longer work properly

Fixed issue where unnecessary mouse drag events would be created that had no movement


11th Sept 2013

Fixed bug affecting OS X 10.9 where scrolling would only work for one screen element

Can now be used in different user accounts simultaneously

Will attempt to connect to the UPDD touch driver for 60 seconds before failing to address the issue where UPDD may not immediately be ready at system startup

Possible fix for crash when enabling mouse emulation shortly after the computer wakes from sleep


24th Aug 2013

Fix for touches no longer working after disconnecting and reconnecting touch device


9th Aug 2013

Fixed crash when Gestures is run after installing UPDD with no device connected

No longer reconnects to the UPDD when driver restarts


27th July 2013

Fixed memory leak

Mouse events now have correct velocity calculated; sliders and knobs in MainStage no longer jump to zero when manipulated using click and drag gesture action


25th July 2013

Added gestures for swiping from the left or right edge of the screen

Fixed bug that prevents UI elements in Apple MainStage and other music software from working with touches

Gestures removes itself as a login item if it fails to run


11th July 2013

Enabling Accessibility is now optional

Added button for enabling Accessibility to settings window

Menu bar icon is now optional

When menu icon is hidden, opening app icon from the Finder shows the Settings window

Fixed memory leak


3rd July 2013

Restrict gesture log to 1000 lines


30th June 2013

Compatible with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)


18th June 2013

Can now automatically display on-screen keyboard when a text field has keyboard focus


3rd June 2013

Added double tap, two finger double tap, three finger tap, and three finger double tap gestures

Added two finger swipe gestures, which can be used instead of two finger drag

Added three and four finger drags, which can be used instead of three and four finger swipes

Redesigned settings dialog


7th May 2013

Added toggle full screen action

Added look up in dictionary action

Added smart zoom action

Revision history now shown in gesture setting dialog


20th April 2013

Gestures stopped working when connection was lost to driver

Fixed crash when log window is open

Now correctly logs the gesture action associated with gesture as defined in the settings window


9th April 2013

Restarts Gestures after system returns from sleep



Customers reported that after system sleep and resume the touch stopped working and that closing and restarting gestures overcame the problem.  It was subsequently reported that after a delay the gestures would actually start working. Given there was no obvious reason for this behaviour, which was only reported by 2 customers, the gesture software is now closed and restarted on resume from sleep. However, the side effects of Gestures restarting are that if the log window or settings window is open, they'll close and won't reopen when the app relaunches. Any changes made in the settings window that haven't been saved will be lost. Also, the icon in the menu bar may change position.


21st March 2013

Warning box if "Access for assistive devices" is turned off as this is required for Gestures to work properly.

Disable gestures during calibration

Gestures didn't reset which display controls which monitor after UPDD recalibration


11th March 2013

No longer possible to perform two different gestures without lifting all fingers

Added Close, Minimize, and Zoom window actions

Added Quit and Hide current application actions


8th March 2013

Fix bug causing iOS simulator window to vanish

Touches in iOS simulator now less erratic


26th Feb 2013

Caters for video rotation


11th Feb 2013

App is now signed for use in OS X 10.8

Fixed bug where a setting could only be changed once per app invocation

Fixed scroll, zoom, and rotate actions in OS X 10.6

Brought back Swipe action in OS X 10.6

Added "Swipe between pages" action in OS X 10.7 and later

Now warns if "Access for assistive devices" is turned off


29th Jan 2013

Can now clear gesture log

Fixed bug where Gestures could crash after installing UPDD

Fixed bug where scroll action may scroll wrong screen element

Fixed "Start at login" option


27th Dec 2012

Added Gesture Log window

Ensures mouse emulation remains disabled while running


24th Dec 2012

Now a self-contained application

Added Settings window, allowing Gestures to be configurable using a GUI


12th Oct 2012

Single binary now works in all Mac OS X versions supported by the touch driver.


7th Aug 2012

Converted code to new QT development environment and added support for Mountain Lion.

Statically links QT libraries so size has unfortunately increased.


17th May 2012

Fixed issue with SingleTouchMode setting, scrolling would randomly stop working, particularly in Safari.


6th Feb 2012

Updated to receive both UPDD and TUIO touch input. Can also be configured as a TUIO Server to pass-through received TUIO touch data.


21st Sept 2011

Two finger scroll, pinch/magnify, and rotate gestures now moves the cursor to the center of the gesture so that user interface elements will respond to it properly. In addition this contains a fix for a Inking drawing bug

Mac OS X driver






Sept 2015

USB re-enumeration at driver load with additional UPDD API changes


June 2015

Technical release implementing latest UPDD API and new event manager


Nov 2014

Various obscure calibration fixes when using extended desktop

Uninstall associated UPDD related applications when driver uninstalled


Sept 2014

Anchor Mouse facility added


Aug 2014

Performance improvements


June 2014

New Icons, uninstall deletes start-up items of UPDD utilities


May 2014

Initial beta release based on 5.1.x code base


July 2013

Uninstall now removes gesture and TUIO Server software if installed


June 2013

Add support for keyboard modifier keys and fix rotate bug in multi-monitor configurations.


March 2013

Uninstall now deletes the uninstaller and closes the UPDD driver and daemon processes.


Feb 2013

Correct issue with Auto calibration.

Automatically adjust calibration when monitor rotates (single monitor systems only). Next release will support multiple monitors!


Dec 2012

Specialised installs will also install UPDD TUIO server software and automatically create a startup item for the TUIO Server application.



Specialised installs will also install UPDD Gesture software and automatically create a startup item for the gesture application.


Oct 2012

New native Mac installer


June 2012

Generated Mac driver from latest UPDD code base

TUIO Server





Only works with UPDD 5.1.1415 and above


5th Nov 2016

Can now individually disable touch devices producing TUIO events

"Divide X axis evenly between all the displays" changed to "Divide X axis evenly between the devices associated with a TUIO server" and can now be used regardless of "Each display has its own TUIO host and port" setting.


15th Aug 2016

Fixed bug where TUIO cursor IDs would increment every two seconds while mouse emulation is off


17th May 2016

Updated to work with the latest version of UPDD version 6

Fixed bug where the status text in the system tray / menu bar icon would not be up to date


12th Apr 2016

Updated to work with UPDD version 6.0

Launches and displays in the system tray / menu bar before connecting to the UPDD. A '!' displayed over the icon indicates there is no connection.


26th Dec 2015

Fixed formatting issues with the command line help text

(Linux only) Fixed dependancy issues in Ubuntu 14.04

(OS X only) Can now run in OS X 10.6 again

(Windows only) Fixed bug where system tray icon would not disappear after quitting


4th Sept 2015

When dividing up the X axis, the section each device uses is determined by its corresponding monitor's left-to-right order.

Fixed bug where multiple TUIO devices using the same host and port would interfere with each other when each had touches occurring simultaneously.


30th Aug 2015

Added setting for dividing up the X axis of TUIO points evenly among all devices


28th Aug 2015

Fixed crash when showing the Settings window when there is no menu bar icon / system tray icon


17th Aug 2015

Updated to work with UPDD 05.01.1415 and later

Updated version check to make sure UPDD 05.01.1415 or later is installed

Added check box in the settings dialog for configuring whether the app should have a system tray / menu bar icon

Can now only have one instance of UPDD TUIO running. Launching a second instance will cause the first instance to open its settings dialog

Added command line argument (-I / --force-icon) for forcing UPDD TUIO to have a system tray / menu bar icon

Fixed bug that caused a spurious warning about a thread being destroyed while it was still running to be printed when the app exits

(OS X only) Opening UPDD TUIO's Finder icon will cause its settings dialog to open

(OS X only) Fixed bug where change history window would appear behind other open windows

Only works with UPDD 5.1.1395 and above


July 2015

Technical update - Processing all data from the driver in a separate thread from the one used by the driver interface in order to help prevent the driver from locking up or crashing.


July 2015

Added check to make sure UPDD 5.01.1395 or later is installed

With UPDD 5.01.1395 there is an improved touch data throughput which should make speed calculations in TUIO much more accurate.

Only works with UPDD 5.1.1269 and above


Mar 2015

Updated to work with UPDD 5.01.1269 and later

Added check to make sure UPDD 5.01.1269 or later is installed


Dec 2014

Fixed crash that can occur when changing the front most application


Dec 2014

(Linux only) Fixed bug where UPDD TUIO would crash after being open for three minutes in some Linux distros


Feb 2014

(OS X only) Settings window now remembers "Hide mouse cursor during touches" setting

(OS X only) When "Hide mouse cursor" is enabled, cursor is no longer shown when a touch is released while mouse emulation is on


Jan 2014

Now supports multiple TUIO interfaces. You can now configure UPDD TUIO to send touches to different ports depending on which touch screen it comes from, in essence running multiple TUIO servers at once, one for each touch screen.


Sept 2013

(OS X only) Now works when running simultaneously under different user accounts


April 2013

Reported TUIO frame IDs now increment correctly
Fixed TUIO velocity data
Added “Change History” window


April 2013

Improved timing of TUIO packets
TUIO packets now contain timestamps
Added option for sending TUIO packets at same rate as the UPDD
Disables during UPDD calibration
Reestablishes connection to UPDD when it is lost
Various minor fixes


Feb 2013

No longer interferes with UPDD Gestures (OS X only)
Correctly receives touches from display with rotation


Jan 2013

Added "Uninstall" button


Dec 2012

Name changed to UPDD TUIO
All settings configurable in "Settings" dialog

Windows Desktop 5.1.x driver






Sept 2015

Serial controller heartbeat function implemented.


Sept 2015

Technical release implementing latest UPDD API and new event manager


Feb 2015

Added Monitor Span function.  A touch device can now cover more than 1 physical monitor

Added new Click Mode ‘Immediate Click’. A touch will generate a pen down/up at point of touch.

Win81TI process terminates if dontusetouchinterface is set, implying that the UPDD Virtual HID interface is in use


Dec 2014

New Win8 touch interface added to allow touch to work on legacy hardware that is rejected by certain OEM editions.


July 2014

Option to stop driver processes if no supported hardware found.

AFO firmware update supported

New signing of UPDD Virtual HID device


Jan 2014

Initial beta release based on 5.1.x code base


Windows CE 5.1.x driver


There are always 4 releases under CE for 5.1.x, Win CE 2013, 7, 6 and 5.






May 2014

Current source code build

Oct 2013

Initial beta release based on 5.1.x code base – Supports 2013,7,6,5


Oct 2013

Support for Windows Compact  2013


Nov 2013

Reimplementation of toolbar support

Improved touch speed throughput.

Occasional systemwide deadlock with gestures in use (CE7 only)

Improved support for off screen toolbars


Nov 2013

Tbcalib no longer dependant on a graphics shell being part of the image.

Supports >2 stylus at the GWES interface level.

Clear last calibration marker immediately

5.1.641 – 645

Dec 2013

Multi-touch device support.

5.1.661 – 664

Jan 2014

TBCalib confirm button was missing.

Patched ace.dll for forward date change issue.

5.1.797 – 800

March 2014

Includes latest cross-platform changes:

·         No longer hangs if UPDD settings file missing

·         Calibration now has visual feedback during calibration (>5% margin)

·         Supports controllers with multiple interfaces. i.e. touch data and controller firmware communications on different interfaces.

·         More command line utility (tbutils) commands

Calibration now supports calibration data storage in registry

Calibration confirm button was missing

Patched ace.dll library for future date change issue.  Driver delayed start up on systems with date set in the future.

5.1.846 – 849

15th April 2014

Fix UPDD calibration registry storage when using stylus calibration

5.1.858 – 859

23rd April 2014

Fixes in tbutils for TRS serial devices

Fix for toolbar import

5.1.948 – 951

3rd June 2014

API TBApiDefaultSettingsPath now supported in Windows CE


Nov 2014



Dec 2014

PS/2 interface added.


Jan 2015

PS/2 interface improved


Feb 2015

Further PS/2 interface improvements

Support screenheight and screenwidth settings to override incorrect notification of screen resolution in some systems

Linux 5.1.x driver






Sept 2015

Technical release implementing latest UPDD API and new event manager

Silent install option


Jan 2014

Improvements to setting that determines if Calibration full screen is conducted inside or outside of the Windows Manager.


Dec 2014

Additional interface work. Improvements to X interface.

Updated install scripts





April 2014

Initial beta release based on 5.1.x code base




Radial Menu Utility






Feb 3rd 2014

Fixed: "close window" action for Mac OS X 10.10.1

Added: Configure left/right mouse (double) clicks for menu items.

Added: Action Magnifier - a circular shape may be more harmonious with the RM and an ability to increase / and decrease its size via menu buttons would be useful too.



Dec 16th 2014

Add Magnifier actions



Dec 2nd 2014

Quarter menu position now defined as screen position.

Half-moon menus position now defined as screen position.

Submenu toggle – When specifying a menu group remove any group menus that are on view.  Do not toggle any that are closed (that have been closed individually).

Record half-moon position should it be moved to a different location of the defined side



Nov 25th 2014

Quarter circle definitions can now be defined.

Able to define transparency percentage, Global (all menus), Menu (specific menu only), Button

Fixed: Hide menu on touch outside menu" function reinstated – had stopped working!



Nov 18th 2014

Half-moons now ignore menu position settings and Snap to their defined position.

Submenus actions now toggle menus (load or unload)

Cater for 2 button definition

Supports Mac OS X Pinch and Zoom to size menus in real-time



Nov 11th 2014

Menu resizing via a modifier key. Can now hold option and click and drag to resize the menu. Dragging towards the center shrinks, dragging away from the center enlarges.

Menu buttons dividing lines no longer drawn without buttons on either side (have been made invisable)."

Small menus with one ring will no longer display both icons and labels if both are defined as there is insufficient room

The ‘submenus’ action can now invoke multiple submenus by separating them with a comma. e.g.:    touchtool.buttonNparameter=menu1,menu2,menu3


Nov 4th 2014

Half moon menus will be flush with side of display when configured to appear on the side

Fixed bug with multiple desktops; when invoking a menu it should always appear on the current desktop

Can now use decimal numbers as well as hex for integer settings in tbupdd.ini

Menu diameter now has a min/max value of 100 and 3000 respectively

Now possible to type keys on the numeric keypad with the performKeystroke action


Oct 28th 2014

Added setting for Semi Circle visualisation

Added setting for menu / submenu diameter

The "UPDD Radial Menu" menu item works again

Changed submenuColor setting to submenuButtonColor

Repositioned labels and reduced their text size slightly in two-ring menus to help avoid collisions with submenu arrow icons

Fixed issue with long key sequence

The tops of radial menu windows can now go above the menu bar


Oct 21st 2014

Variable repeat click action -  for as long an active area is engaged

Specify 1 or 2 rows - Icon or text but not both when using 2 rows / Smaller arrow sub menu indicator with 2 rows if required

Action for open file or open application

Action for running Automator workflows

Action for running AppleScripts


14th Oct 2014

Reload main RM menu after importing a new configuration

The function to move the RM (the cancel button) activation a little quicker (approx 30% faster)

Selectable colours per menu  colours can be defined at a menu level (highest), ring level (middle), individual level (low)

Keystroke actions for non-English keyboard layouts - cater for letters with the umlaut

1 - 8

June - Sept

Initial development to lay down product foundation