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This page is dedicated to support issues that may arise when using our drivers. It could be that you are trying to identify the nature of a problem you are experiencing or you need advice on using the software.  You may have a programming query about the UPDD Software Development Kit or would like to receive example code.  Whatever your query we hope the information here will help.  However, if none is appropriate use the contact form to seek further support.

Using the table below select the appropriate support item that may assist with your query.

Knowledge Base
A collection of articles used to share knowledge of touch or UPDD issues that have been raised in the past
A link to our entire suite of UPDD documentation.
Support Form
If you believe you have a problem with our software that is not addressed by the current support information this form can be used to submit a support request to our technical team.
Advice and assistance with UPDD and general touch utilities that may be of use to general or UPDD specific touch users.
Development History
Shows the latest version of the software and what has been addressed between each release.
Calibration Template
A template allowing you to calibrate a touch-panel that is not attached to the video. Lets you print a grid with crosses that correspond with onscreen calibration points. The printed template is placed under the touchscreen to allow for accurate calibration when the corresponding calibration grid is displayed on the video
File Upload Page
This page allows the transfer of large files to our web server - for support purposes.
Device Search Page
This page helps to track down a device in our database to see whether UPDD supports it. It also allows you to request support be added for your device if its not currently available.