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This page lists the various documents that are available for the UPDD software. This is the documentation that we distribute with the driver software.

Help 21/12/2018 Introductory Notes Introductory notes to the UPDD product range
21/12/2018 Help System On-line help system information
21/12/2018 Settings and Configuration Help files used by the UPDD help system
21/12/2018 Known Hardware Issues Documented known issues with certain controllers
Desktop 21/12/2018 Windows Platform Notes Installation notes specific to the Windows environment
21/12/2018 Linux Platform Notes Installation notes specific to the Linux environment
21/12/2018 Mac OSX Platform Notes Installation notes specific to the Mac OS X environment
27/01/2016 Android Platform Notes Installation notes specific to the Android environment
21/12/2018 Solaris Platform Notes Installation notes specific to the Solaris environment
Embedded 21/12/2018 Windows Embedded Notes Implement UPDD in Windows Embedded systems
21/12/2018 WinCE Embedded Notes Notes for using UPDD CE embedded components
21/12/2018 WinXP Embedded Notes Notes for using UPDD XPe embedded components
Real Time 30/04/2015 VxWorks Integration Installation notes specific to the VxWorks environment
Source 21/12/2018 Source Driver Integration Source driver configuration notes
General 21/04/2015 Development History Details of major and minor software changes
21/12/2018 UPDD Console Full description of the UPDD console facility
21/12/2018 Calibration and User Interface The calibration utility and command line user interface
21/12/2018 Command Line User Interface General command line utility
25/06/2015 Draw and Test Utility Full description of the UPDD Draw and test utility
21/12/2018 Toolbars Full description of toolbar function
21/12/2018 EEPROM Usage EEPROM calibration considerations
29/04/2015 Rotate Video desktop rotate considerations
21/12/2018 Driver Features Extended notes on some features, functions and issues
21/12/2018 Language Support Multi-language support issues
21/12/2018 Multi-Monitor/Devices UPDD support for multiple monitors and devices
28/04/2015 Multi-Touch Support UPDD support and general multi-touch considerations
19/06/2015 Multi-User/Pointer Support UPDD support for multiple user / pointer system extensions
21/12/2018 Emulation Modes UPDD mouse click emulation modes explained
21/12/2018 Windows 7 Implementation Windows 7 touch implementation notes
21/12/2018 OS Extended Touch Features Operating system based touch features
  21/12/2018 Gestures and Inking Gesture and inking support in UPDD
  21/12/2018 TUIO Server UPDD to TUIO server interface
Utilities 21/12/2018 Extensions UPDD Extensions
30/04/2015 Virtual Keyboards On-screen graphical keyboards
21/12/2018 Serial Data Scope Program Instructions for using the serial port analysis tool
API 02/02/2016 Introduction Introduction to the UPDD API
21/12/2018 API Files Links to the latest API files
02/02/2016 Getting Started with the API Documented ‘simple’ sample API program
02/02/2016 API function calls Description of each API function
21/12/2018 Example programs Example programs utilising the API
21/12/2018 Gestures API Utilising the Gestures API
14/04/2015 Calibration API Interface to the calibration function
21/12/2018 UPDD Settings Description of UPDD settings
21/12/2018 API Questions and Answers Frequently asked API related questions
14/04/2015 API Features Features related to API usage
Technical 30/04/2015 Development and Testing UPDD Development and testing notes
21/12/2018 Serial USB Macros UPDD serial and USB macro definition
21/12/2018 Bus Macros UPDD Bus macro definition
21/12/2018 Controller Identification How to identify a touch screen controller in use
21/12/2018 Controller Support Technical information required to add support for a touch device
30/04/2015 Windows WHQL issues UPDD WHQL and digital signature consideration
29/04/2015 Support Procedures Support issues relating to the UPDD driver