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Touch-Base Ltd is a leading designer and developer of touch screen driver technology. Founded by a team of software engineers involved with the development of early touch screen applications in the late 1980's with a shared belief that touch technology was a superb interface between man and machine and deserved a wider audience and great software.

The hardware manufacturers have played their part in the promotion of the technology and we hope that we have also played a part in offering good quality drivers, honed from years of experience, available in many different operating systems and supporting literally hundreds of touch devices.

It has been rewarding for us to see the wider acceptance of touch technology in the intervening years since its introduction, culminating in touch being the main method of interface on Smartphones, TabletPC, UMPC and PDA devices.

Although the vast usage of touch is via mouse emulation or point and click applications we continue to be excited about multi-touch interfaces, which are leading towards advanced and very innovative use of the touch interface, some examples of which can be seen from our links page.

We are here to help advise and assist anyone with a touch query, be it an end user with and old touch screen, looking for a suitable driver or a touch manufacturer looking for a partnership, we will try our best to satisfy your requirements.

Company Information

Name: Touch-Base Limited
Registered in the United Kingdom, Registration Number: 02170438. VAT ID: GB510721689
Registered Office Address: 23A Church Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, BH14 8UF, United Kingdom