TBApiSetScreenSaverMode API Call



Indicates to UPDD that a screen saver is active. When informed of screen saver activity UPDD suppresses mouse button events, so that in response to a pointer event the pointer is moved (hence the screen saver terminates) but no focus change occurs.


Boolean used to toggle screen saver mode, True = On, False = OFF.


0 = fail, 1 = OK


Although this API call is intended for UPDD internal use, it may be called to identify non-standard screen savers that UPDD does not recognise.


Visual C++ Declaration/example


BOOL TBAPI TBApiSetScreenSaverMode(BOOL aMode);


Visual Basic Declaration/example


Public Declare Function TBApiSetScreenSaverMode Lib "TBapi" Alias "_DLL_TBApiSetScreenSaverMode@4" (ByVal aMode As Long) As Long