TBApiSetApiTraceLevel API Call



When using the debug version of the API, trace messages can be turned on / off with this call.


0 - no debug messages

1 - minimal trace messages

2 - maximum trace messages this level will affect performance.




Trace messages are sent to the active debug window. Not all API function calls have trace information. The callback related calls have fairly comprehensive trace information.


Visual C++ Declaration/example


void TBAPI TBApiSetApiTraceLevel(int aLevel);


Visual Basic Declaration/example


Public Declare Sub TBApiSetApiTraceLevel Lib "TBapi" Alias "_DLL_TBApiSetApiTraceLevel@4" (ByVal aLevel As Long)


Trace example

Application reading touch data from a Zytronic controller


TBApiGetSettingDWORD called
TBApiGetIProduct called
TBApiValidateDevice called
GetReadDataType - returns type 0x0 
SetReadDataType - specifies type 0xffff 
TBApiRegisterDataCallback OK - there are now 1 callbacks registered for this process
entered _ReadPointerDataThread
_ReadPointerDataThread waiting ...
TBApiGetDriverVersion called
Zytronic API init succeeded! Firmware Version: 04.01.01
_ReadPointerDataThread Read 1 packets from driver
_ReadPointerDataThread waiting ...
_ReadPointerDataThread Read 1 packets from driver
RawX=443, RawY=431, CalX=19220, CalY=30569 Tick=34681 Dev=1
_ReadPointerDataThread waiting ...
_ReadPointerDataThread Read 1 packets from driver