TBApiSetSettingSZEx API Call



Sets a String value in a named sub-section and node of the settings file.


Device handle (see notes), sub-section branch name, node name and new setting data.


0 = fail, 1 = OK.


This will set a String value in the named sub-section and node of the settings file.  Supply a valid Device handle to set items for a specific device. It is important to call TBApiApply() to commit the changes.

See also

Other settings related API calls to set and retrieve registry entries.


Visual C++ Declaration/example


BOOL TBAPI TBApiSetSettingSZEx(HTBDEVICE aHandle,const TCHAR* aSubtree,const TCHAR* aName, const TCHAR* aSZ);


Visual Basic Declaration/example


Public Declare Function TBApiSetSettingSZEx Lib "TBapi" Alias "_DLL_TBApiSetSettingSZEx@16" (ByVal aDevice As Byte, ByVal aSubtree As String, ByVal aName As String, ByVal aSZ As String) As Long