TBApiSendMacroSynchronous API Call



Sends data to the controller associated with the specified device using the UPDD macro language.


Device handle, macro to send and length of macro command, return buffer and size.


0 = fail, 1 = OK.


For more details of the UPDD macro language, see the on-line UPDD documentation.


Visual C++ Declaration/example


BOOL TBAPI  TBApiSendMacroSynchronous(HTBDEVICE aDeviceHandle, const TBCHAR* aMacro, void* aUSBRetBuffer, DWORD aUSBRetBufferSize);


unsigned char response[64];

TBApiSendMacroSynchronous(aDevice,_T("[USB type=CLASS_INTERFACE flags=0 req=9 val=0303 idx=0 len=8]21 04 03 00 00 00 00 00[END]"), response,sizeof(response));


The options for USB type are