TBApiApplyNoReload API Call



Some API calls change settings, but do not store them until the user calls TBApiApply or TBApiApplyNoReload.




0 = fail, 1 = OK.


1.        This is a variation of TBApiApply. This call will not reinitialise the driver.

2.        Prior to calling TBApiApplyNoReload, API calls that read values will return any changed data held in memory not the saved value in tbupdd.ini.

3.        See TBApiApply if driver reinitialisation is required.

4.        API calls that update settings should make one of these calls to apply settings.


Visual C++ Declaration/example


BOOL TBAPI TBApiApplyNoReload();


If ( TBApiApplyNoReload () )

            AfxMessageBox( “Configuration changes applied ok”);


Visual Basic Declaration/example


Public Declare Function TBApiApplyNoReload Lib "TBapi" Alias “_DLL_TBApiApplyNoReload@0" () As Boolean


If TBApiApplyNoReload = True then

            MsgBox “Configuration changes applied ok”

End If